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Priscilla’s Volunteer House now complete at Harapan Sumbawa Project

An update Harapan Sumbawa Project building, works that have been sponsored by PHMF.

The aforementioned building was build more than 10 years ago by the old owner of the land, and was never finish. The building has suffered significant deterioration due to the passage of time, the weather and the nature. Therefore important renovation works needed to be done.

The goal of the building is to give free shelter to volunteers and members of the team of Harapan Project.

The following renovations have now been completed

  1. Inside painting of the building
  2. Electrical work – plug and switches have been installed
  3. Doors and windows have been varnished
  4. A false ceiling has been installed
  5. Security cameras have been installed
  6. The floor now has ceramic tiles
  7. Bathrooms have been installed
  8. Sinks have been installed

Harapan Sumbawa says that thanks to Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation we will be able to give free shelter to 8 workers and volunteers.

Pending Works of the Harapan House

  1. Purchase of furniture
  2. Renovation of the right old side building

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