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House of Grace in Jakarta Renovations Nearing Completion

The House of Grace in Jakarta has been wonderfully supported by the Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation and it is nearing completion with renovations in full swing! As the images show, internal renovations have neared completion, furniture is being assembled and living quarters set up. The mission of the House of Grace is to restore and


This major building project was first discussed in July 2013 . Late 2013 a major building collapsed and the project had to be re assessed. On 4Th  October 2014 a celebration was held at Parapattan to mark the successful completion of the building works.. Parapattan Orphanage is a Christian orphanage that provides a home and


The month of October will see the completion of three major building projects . Here is the first one and the  Jodie OShea photos  tell the story better than words how important this dining room is for the future comfort of the children. We continue supplying milk once per week . The Foundation is pleased to assist such


  During a visit in December 2013 we observed the importance of extending the Kitchen and requested a quote which we received for Rp  60.000.000 . Our committee agreed to fully fund the extension because the current Dining room can seat if they are lucky 36 children at once and this is at a squeeze. Jodie OShea have

PHMF Vocational Training Centre – Building Repairs

In December 2013 Don Hall visited Cipanas to discuss the 2014 teaching program .. It was observed that the building in which all the lessons are conducted needed some attention having been in use for over 30 years  .The Foundation decided to fund the repairs in the next school vacation in April after the classes &


ORPHANGES NEED TO HAVE A FIRE DRILL POLICY & EQUIPMENT SUCH AS SMOKE ALARMS . The Foundation has been assisting orphanages & schools since 2005 .Only this year we realized that many Yayasans are not aware of the importance of a fire drill procedure and we were pleased to purchase this equipment  .. DO YOU

Vocational TrainingCentre at Cipanas , West Java .

In May 2008 ANZA introduced the Foundation to YUM who needed MAJOR repairs for their Children Village at the above address for 3 Dormitories , Dining Room & Library  ..After 2 visits & meeting Olvia Reksodipoetro Chair Person at YUM it was decided to proceed with this major project . At the same location YUM with

Hopping Center – Remaja Masa Depan

September 14th 2009 was a very special day for PHMF and Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan. The evening of that day in the middle of the holy month of Ramadhan, Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan finally officially opened its drop-in center. A shelter for street children nearby to stop-by, rest and doing some activities during the day.
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