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Rumah Sehat students visit Lempuyang Temple – written by students

temple1On Sunday the 18th of December 2016 all the students from Rumah Sehat travelled by motor bike to visit Lempuyang Temple. It was a beautiful cloudy day but it was also very hot.

On the drive I saw a spectacular view of mountains and beautiful green trees. The drive was steep and the roads were winding so we were really careful by driving slowly.

Firstly we arrived at the temple and there were a lot of tourists that were taking photos and enjoying the view. We gathered together and sat down while Mr Ping explained the day. We were feeling excited, especially Brooke who had never been to a temple in Bali before.

Secondly, we slowly cleaned around the temple and worked very carefully to make sure we picked up all the rubbish and put it in the bin. We began to feel tired because we were hot and sweaty. We gently washed our hands before we had a delicious snack.

Next, we walked slowly up the steep steps and prayed for good luck and good health. We taught Brooke about our traditions and she was very grateful. The pemangku cleansed us by giving us 3 sips of suci and 3 splashes on our head, we received rice to put between our eyes, on our neck and we also ate some of it. We gave our offerings and I was feeling joyous for this amazing experience.

Afterwards we had an open English class run by Edi and Brooke, they are amazing teachers. We spoke about what we saw and made a conversation with a friend.

My stomach was feeling very hungry and thirsty, we were given an incredible lunch which had been made by Mr Ping’s wife. We brought water from the shops and took some selfies with my friends and teachers.

After that we came back to the circle and spoke loudly to the class about our day. I was feeling nervous when it was my turn because there were a lot of eyes looking at me.

Lastly, we safely travelled home. I had a very entertaining and happy day although I was tired and needed a sleep and more food.

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