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Cipanas Earthquake Humanitarian Relief – Final Project Report

In the wake of the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that shook West Java, Indonesia, on November 21, 2022, our team on the ground swiftly mobilized to aid the affected communities. The epicenter of the earthquake, located 10 km south-west of Cianjur Regency, severely impacted the region, and a 30-days state of emergency was declared. By the

Yayasan Badan Wakaf Miftahurrohmah Orphanage Renovation – Supported by Amanjiwo

Apologies this is a late newsletter showing the details the PHMF received for support earlier this year. We did sponsor urgent building repairs. Yayasan Badan Wakaf (YBW) is located in Amanjiwo’s home village of Majaksingi, Borobudur, Central Java. The orphanage is run by Drs. KH. Abdul Hafidz, Mpd.I – a couple native to Majaksingi. Bapak

Harapan Project Agriculture Program

These last months have been a period very ambitious year, a period of growth and breakthroughs for Harapan Project. We have been able to create two new educational programs that are going to make a real change in the future of the local population of Sumbawa island. Organic and Hydroponic Agriculture School Firstly, we created

Eager for Rugby in 2023 and Beyond

A good first half of a good the 2023 season It was indeed a good start to the new season. Last year was very interrupted with pandemic issues. We therefore felt blessed with a good continuous start in 2023. Having gotten past Covid interruptions, the Komodos Junior Rugby continued in January with high numbers of

My Journey as a Rugby Girl in Indonesia – Siti Yuniarti

My name is Siti Yuniarti. In 2017, when I was 14 years old, I joined the Komodos. I had never been big on sports and I had never heard of a sport called rugby. The first thing I learned after joining is that getting along with your teammates is essential. Being in a rugby team

Distributing Basic Relief Kits & On-the-Ground Assessment

Since the first earthquake hit on 21 November, over 400 aftershocks followed. Though the government has lifted the emergency status, thousands are still living in shelters. Our team on the ground has been distributing basic relief kits to those in need since the earthquake hit. Besides distributing basic relief kits, we are also continuously doing
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