Priscilla HallPriscilla Hall was tragically killed in a plane accident at Lake Lido, south of Jakarta on June 20th, 2004. Priscilla's lifelong affinity for people extended into helping disadvantaged children. The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable fund that aims to help underprivileged children in Indonesia. Read more...
Tini gave a wrap to four year old Farel. He has leukaemia and is being treated at Dharmais hospital since July this year. Farel is the youngest of 3 children and comes from Tasikmalaya, West Java (about 7 hrs drive from Jakarta). As Farel continues his treatment, YMCKK are sure the wrap made with love,
This newsletter covers distribution in two different locations. The Doctors from the Government Health Center continue with the program Days for Girls. In the village of Marada, 80 girls attended in the morning & at the Village of Jalal 70 Women. A total of 150 kits to “Make a Difference” to their future well being.
Ibu Fatini Bong, a volunteer with Yayasan Mari Cintai Kanak Kanak (Let’s Love the Children) was delighted to receive ‘wraps with love’ from Don Hall/PHMF.  The beautifully handmade wraps will be given to young cancer patients during their stay at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta.  Often when receiving chemotherapy treatment, children may run a fever causing them
  These are the details that were indicated in a previous newsletter of the starting point for the project .This stage has now been completed. 1. –Clean the building of trees and vegetation: The passage of time has provoked that several trees have grown inside the building. 2. –Change the frames of doors and windows:
Below are the stories from Yuni and Hafiz, students of the YUM VTC Computer class. Yuni is one of YUM’s sponsorship beneficiaries; she has been supported by YUM since she was in primary school. YUM’s sponsorship program is aimed to provide families with financial support to cover the children’s education cost. It covers school books,
  Don Hall visiting from Australia was with committee member David Adams able to attend the opening of a major Foundation project . This is a storey told more by photos. The quest list covered not only ANZA but key Government Representatives from Jakarta & the District. This highlighted the benefit & importance the project

Day for Girls Kits Distributed To Date

Sumba585 Sumbawa620 West Timor583

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