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Esti Bakti suffers greatly from flooding and the playground has been under water for several years now, so a chance for the kids to get out and have fun was so important. This was not a cheap event to organise, despite the generous discount we were given by Waterbom Jakarta, and we are deeply indebted to the wonderful Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF) for a special donation which has enabled us cover food, transport and t-shirts for the participants. Gilly Weaver and Erica Miller from ANZA Social Welfare joined me together with Daniel, son of Vivi Sønderskov Møller (also ANZA Social Welfare), and I attach a selection of photos so you can see the pleasure the kids had – we are sure this day will live on in their memories forever (they will certainly live on in ours!). LOUISE KENNEDY .


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