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An impactful 2023 for youth training at the VTC in Cipanas, West Java

With full support from Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF), 204 youth have received job readiness skills training for future employment.  63 of them have mastered the basics of computer operation and 141 of them are now able to practice basic English that is commonly used in a working environment.  YUM also organized 3 job seeking skills workshops for 110 participants, for both active students and VTC alumni. 

In 2023, the VTC continues to partner with various schools, universities and organizations. Last year, 3 groups of international students engaged with our youth through English and Computer classes. University students from Bina Nusantara (Binus) University also spent three months during their internship, and supported us by revising the manual book for tutors teaching the computer class.

Let’s hear what FI, 12th grader and English class student, said about his session with one of the international students:

I just started learning English a month ago, but I already had the opportunity to practice my English with foreigners. After a simple introduction to get to know each other, we continued our activities with fun games, which was to guess a subject from gestures. After that, we continued our conversation about daily activities. The guest students spoke slowly to make us understand. They were so kind. I learned new words, how to write it down and how to pronounce it correctly. I am looking forward to another session like this!

Thank you PHMF for supporting this program and providing access to quality job readiness skills training for underprivileged youth in our working area. We are looking forward to another great year with your support!

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