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The Foundation was pleased to donate funds for urgently need Medical supplies to assist Gloria Goodwin maintain the caring Medical Service provided to her local community. Here is the  BALI CRISIS CARE  Storey : To tell you a little of what we do, we have been operating Crisis care for many years now and started in


Because of continuous forest fires, the people of Central Kalimantan are suffering from the worst haze in history. The air pollution level has reached 3,000 – more than 10 times the hazardous level!         What are the consequences? The air has become a yellow colour. People have difficulty breathing, suffer from constant headaches and more and

TWO NEW CLASS ROOMS for Rumah Sehat Humanitarian Project Bali

  Rumah Sehat is a Humanitarian Project promoting Health in Bali, Indonesia This project is one of many Rotary Australian World Community Service projects ( RAWCS ) It  survives on donation from friends and Rotary Clubs Hope Island and Bali Taman. The project is broad based community initiative assessing remote village families in Karangasam with


    Our Mission statement since 2004 to help Indonesian Children has been able to continue due to the Corporate Social responsibility of corporations & individuals who support us . In this newsletter we would like to introduce Eastern Promise Restaurant who hold a Cooking for Charity  monthly event where by patrons of Eastern Promise create &

Yayasan An-Nuriyah September 2015

  We had a great opening ceremony on Saturday for this project and were entertained by the delightful kids at the kindergarten who are loving their newly improved facilities.  The photos tell the storey . Thanks to ANZA , The Australian Embassy and The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation . .

Yayasan An-Nuriyah September 2013

 This project is worthy of two newsletters . This one is the beginning when PHMF committee member submitted this report . “On Saturday ( September 2013 )I visited a new project for us with several of the ANZA committee.  ANZA have been supporting a food kitchen for the elderly downstairs but upstairs is a school
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