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Esti Bakti suffers greatly from flooding and the playground has been under water for several years now, so a chance for the kids to get out and have fun was so important. This was not a cheap event to organise, despite the generous discount we were given by Waterbom Jakarta, and we are deeply indebted

Thankyou to the sponsors of our 2013 Golf Day

A big thank you to all our wonderful sponsors of the 2013 Golf Day – what a success it was, we look forward to doing it all again in 2014.    


 It is nice to visit a project some time after its completion .. We would like to share the photos of the visit with you . It is interesting to read the initial report below & image the school compared with today . The new building has allowed a further 30 children to attend school . REPORT

Welcome to Yayasan Harapan Sumba In English”Project Hope Sumba”

 The Foundation was able to respond to a request to sponsor airfares to transport three children and their parent to hospital . We would like to share with you some details of this Yayasan to see why we were pleased to assist with funding .  Yayasan Harapan Sumba (YHS) works with  West Sumba’s poorest people to


There are a number of ways The Foundation receive support . A London group of friends each year supply a months funding for nutrition for an Orphanage needing assistance .. Last year the funds were donated to Jodie O’Shea orphanage in Bali .. They used the funding for rice .. Rice is a staple food throughout Indonesia . If children

YAYASAN GOODWILL University Scholarships for future Indonesian leaders

Dear Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation/Australian New Zealand Association  Thank you for your support in the last year. Your support has allowed me to concentrate on my studies and helped me do well. Thank you also for continuing to be my sponsor for the academic year 2012. In the last year my accomplishments were gratified. I
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