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Rawinala in line  The Foundation was introduced to Rawinala in 2005 by the Headifen family . Their son Joe was a student while the family lived in Jakarta .ANOTHER NEWS LETTER WILL FOLLOW THIS ONE . ” JOE A STUDENT AT RAWINALA ” When the Family returned to New Zealand knowing the need for a student’s Media Room they suggested a joint sponsorship with PHMF. The media room is now complete and  has been named THE PRISCILLA  JOE ROOM.     Rawinala History reflects the importance of the Jakarta Foundation  : Rawinala Dwituna Education Foundation is an organization that serves the needs of education with Double Blind.  The definition is a disabling condition in which each have two or more obstacles, the main obstacles to the vision (blind or low vision ). For example: Blind and deaf, blind and mentally retarded, blind and physical barriers, and so forth. Therefore, the type of resistance, then with Double Blind is the difficulty to get education in Schools, which serves only one kind of obstacle course.Basic Education Program is designed from four principal areas of functional education, namely: to live, to work, to play and to love . Through four principal areas such education, the child is directed to develop their potential, and are encouraged to explore other skills that can support the process of independence






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