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Days for Girls in Mio Village, Timor Tengah Selatan, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Days for Girls program this December has been conducted in collaboration between Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation and FMCH Indonesia on Monday, December 6, 2020. This activity took a place in Immanuel Mio Church, Mio village, Amanuban Selatan sub regency, Timor Tengah Selatan regency. Main activities on that day, among others, sharing class about reproductive health for teenagers and health pad distribution. This program’s main beneficiary is girl teens; to raise their awareness about the importance of reproductive health. Talking about reproductive health in detail, the speaker explained to the audience the dangers of casual sex, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted disease.

However, the speaker was Mr. Deki Meko, DFG trainer and FMCH Indonesia Timor area coordinator, Meti Kamlasi. The total audience is 50 people, consist of teenagers and women. Additionally, there are 45 packages of DFG kits distributed. The opening and closing speeches of this activity have delivered by Rev. Diana Oematan, the head of Immanuel Mio church.

We thank Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation and FMCH Indonesia as well, who always supported us, particularly through this DFG program. We are feeling grateful for all the kit you have given to our teenagers. We hope this collaboration is not ended up; we welcome you to do similar activities in here.

Rev. Diana in her closing speech. 

In conclusion, this activity was running smoothly, and importantly we applied the health protocol: we called it 3M in Indonesia. Wear a mask, wash hands, and keep the distance. Before the audience entered the building, we checked their body temperature. Participants were very enthusiastic and hoped that there would be a similar activity about reproductive health.

Day for Girls Kits Distributed

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