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Distributing of Menstrual Kits for Women in West Timor’s Remote Village: Bikekneno

One of the rural areas of West Timor located in remote area is Bikekneno Village. In rural areas, girls and women have limited access to sanitary products due to lack of the menstrual kits. When the rainy season in the village comes, it is more difficult for girls and women to access menstrual pads for their periods. The menstrual kits are sometimes too expensive for them because they have to spend money not only on menstrual kits, but also the transportation cost to access them.

FMCH Indonesia in collaboration with the Church of Syalom Aenut located in Bikekneno Village, South Molo Sub-district, West Timor. The Days for Girls activity was implemented on Wednesday, 22 December 2021 with a total of 40 participants, including some local church administrators. However, the number of kits that are distributed is 30 DfG kits, with the target of beneficiaries are women of reproductive age that live in the village.

Not only focusing on the distribution of DfG kits; FMCH Indonesia also gave education of how menstruation happens, the reproductive cycle, and menstrual hygiene. Many expressed that it was the first time they learned the proper way how to maintain good menstrual hygiene because they usually learn it from their parents, especially their mother. Unfortunately, parents rarely provide correct information about menstruation. Furthermore, they also learned and practiced how to use and maintain DfG kits.

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