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The FOUNDATION’S Indonesian Days for Girls project ( DfG ) is due to the support from Australian DfG Chapters & The Glen Innes Rotary Club who also have been busy supporting Drought & Fire affected Families.

We wish to share these comments of appreciation the Rotary Club has recently received : The first photo is taken with the fire 30 yards from the house of one of my friends.  She ended up sitting in the packed car in the middle of the paddock watching the fire coming ever closer.   Luckily her house was saved.  Many weren’t.

The people at Torrington are starting to rebuild their lives.  Ruined homes have mostly now been removed and the sites are being cleared.  Trees are reshooting and with recent rain the village is green and lush.

Glen Innes Rotary’s support for the villagers has been wonderful and has been gratefully accepted by those affected.  By using the Spend in Glen vouchers it has been a win/win situation.  You are helping those affected by the fires and also the businesses of Glen Innes.

The second round of vouchers will be distributed shortly and again will be very well received.  

Thank you to all those who have assisted, with special thanks to Rotarian Cecil Woodlands for all her help and her passion in getting things done.  It is very much appreciated.

Best wishes Joy Woods Torrington Resident.

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