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  Andi had the opportunity of attending the PHMF Vocational Training Centre at Cipanas. After his final school year he secured a part time job in the YUM library at Cipanas .We were able to assist with a contribution to pay for his IT course.  His recent  letter reflects that he is a  worthy of a number of donors support,

I would like to say thank you very much for your generous support in realizing my dream to be an IT Expert through the Global Giving website. I am very happy and grateful for being selected as your recipient of this scholarship. I have many dreams, because I believe success starts with having a dream as it can encourage us to always study and work hard. My dreams have changed many times. When I was in Senior High School, my dream was to become an architect. But after I thought about it for a thousand times, I realized that an architect needs a lot of funding in university, like for drawing boards and equipment, mockups and many other things. I knew that my family could not afford to buy this equipment due to economic conditions, so I changed my dream. Now I want to be an engineer in information technology by enrolling in the Department of Information Technology at Widyatama University in Bandung, because I think studying IT doesn’t need as much equipment as the studying architecture. I think that a laptop, notebook or computer and internet access are enough for me to follow classes at university. Thanks to you I could get one step closer in reaching my dream.



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