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The promotion and socialization of VTC courses in schools

Socialization and Promotion

With the support of the Pricilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF), YUM is able to continue giving the opportunity to students from disadvantaged and destitute families to learn at the YUM-PHMF Vocational training Centre (VTC).

More than 10 schools were visited by the VTC team in Cipanas area for the promotion and socialization about the courses. YUM gave presentations about the importance of having vocational skills to support finding a job in the future. The competitive world needs to be conquered with update and useful skills. Being able to speak English and use a computer are very important to obtain employment. Most of the office work is done by computer and using English for communication is very essential in the work field nowadays. Around 200 students had registered for YUM-VTC courses. There are 13 classes for this term: as 5 English Classes, 6 Computer Classes and 2 Sewing Classes. 

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