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PHMF ‘wraps’ young cancer patients at Dharmais Hospital with love

Ibu Fatini Bong, a volunteer with Yayasan Mari Cintai Kanak Kanak (Let’s Love the Children) was delighted to receive ‘wraps with love’ from Don Hall/PHMF.  The beautifully handmade wraps will be given to young cancer patients during their stay at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta.  Often when receiving chemotherapy treatment, children may run a fever causing them to feel cold.  YMCKK are grateful to the many women in the Wraps with Love charity in Australia, who knitted the wraps and to PHMF for bringing them to Jakarta for the young patients. We are sure the colourful wraps will not only brighten the children’s stay while in hospital but will continue to embrace the children with ‘love’ after they have completed their cancer treatment and go back to normal life.

Many of the children and especially teenages feel very embarrassed about losing their hair during the aggressive chemotherapy treatments they receive.  YMCKK welcome beanies for the children/teenagers to help them overcome any negative feelings while dealing with childhood cancer.

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