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Harapan Project Agriculture Program

These last months have been a period very ambitious year, a period of growth and breakthroughs for Harapan Project.

We have been able to create two new educational programs that are going to make a real change in the future of the local population of Sumbawa island.

Organic and Hydroponic Agriculture School

Firstly, we created an organic agriculture school to train local population in new techniques and types of crops that will allow them to improve both their economy and their nutrition.

We have set-up a school of organic and hydroponic agriculture, in order to fight the enormous malnutrition suffered by the local population.

Our Organic agriculture School has the aim to teach local population organic gardening skills and promote that every family have their own garden for auto- consumption, providing them all the material needed.

We have purchase a total of 369 fruit trees of 47 different types of fruits and also more than 50 kinds of vegetables seeds to assure the constant and correct operation of our agriculture school.

Almost 10 years ago, I met Don Hall in Bali, and I still remember how he insisted in the necessity of help local population in Indonesia though nutrition and agriculture, and he provides us some food plants solutions program books that we are still using for our program. The inspiration from Don Hall is one of the reason that made us start our school of agriculture.

Empowering Youth Program

Secondly, we have created a youth empowerment program, sponsoring young people to study in the best agricultural schools in the country.

We sponsor youth to get formation during 5 months stays in the best agriculture schools in Indonesia, in order to learn: Organic and Hydroponic agriculture, English, Countability and Administration, IT skills.

After the 5 months training, the youth will become part of our team.

Our first group of youth is currently in one of the best and most reputed schools of Indonesia The Learning Farm until June.

In August we will send another group of 5 youth.

Empowering Youth Program for this 2023 has been sponsored by Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation, and thanks to your help we will be able to change the future of many Youth.

In order to be able to face the new programs and the expansion of our activities, we have expanded our human team with new employees.

Both the growth of our activities and the new programs we have created, as well as the expansion of our human team, represents a great challenge for the future in terms of fundraising.

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Carlos Ferrandiz

President Harapan Project

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