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The PHMF was approached early 2016 by Yass Rotarian Scott Bourke looking for a Indonesian project. The Foundation was building a classroom that would need computers purchased & installed. Result the Yass Interact Club arrived late 2017 & installed the computers.

HERE IS THE REPORT OF THEIR 2018 RETURN TRIP The team arrived safely back home last week and caught up on some well deserved rest Next steps include presentations to Rotary clubs and start planning for the next trip. A successful trip? Here’s a summary of achievement! Delivery of personal hygiene kits to school students, the construction of book shelves for Rumah Sehat library, concreting, rendering & painting of Rumah Sehat walls, beautification of the centre through murals & artwork, donation of laptops to the local High School, professional development training for Rumah Sehat nursing staff, the clearing & cleaning of a site for the construction of a house & piggery for a local family. Funding the healthy day at Soobayang village with 50 hygiene kits and solar lights distributed to local villagers. A busy trip & hopefully a memorable experience for all team members. Thanks to Ping, Eddie, Sue & Ray , and all the lovely RUMAH SEHAT staff for care & friendship.


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