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Yass Interact 9

We’ve probably all realized that the working world is getting more competitive, requiring a person with an updated set of skills. That is why a second  Vocational Training Centre is being established in Bali to give the opportunity to students from disadvantaged and destitute families to learn and update their skills in order to more easily get a job. Being able to use computers is very important these days. None of the office work today can be done without a computer.  The  Cipanas VTC offers 3 optional subjects for our computer classes: Microsoft Office, Design and Hardware. YUM also teach the students to use the internet to find a job and send their CVs to companies. This term at Cipanas there are  90 students enrolled in the classes with 4 dedicated Computer tutors. Not every school in Cipanas teaches computer skills, mostly because they do not have the facility and compatible sources to teach the students. In the future, the PHMF/YUM-VTC, together with some schools in area, would like to organise computer classes as one of the school’s extracurricullar activities.

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