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In March 2013 we received the correspondence below . It does occur that existing funding for a Yayasan can stop . This is a example. After our audit & a lot of questions we recently forwarded 3 months operating expenses to help them over this period. This donation meets our Mission Vision : “To provide direct and on-going assistance to Indonesian children in need, with a focus on meeting their basic nutritional, shelter and educational requirements.”

” My name is Lauren Want and I am looking for ways to financially support a day-centre for young children which has been established in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia by a group of Dutch expatriate women specifically for young children (pre school age) who are living on the street. The centre is called Indoshelter; they have a web site and also a facebook page. 

I was the Principal of a school in Semarang for almost two years, but have now returned to Australia.  Many of the Dutch community who established this centre have now moved on.  I learned recently from the husband of one of the expat Dutch women who recently visited the centre,  that the centre was experiencing financial difficulties and I have been looking into ways support could be given to the centre from here.”

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