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MKGR Primary School


MKGR Primary school – Expansion project PHMF’s assistance to MKGR is part emergency and part capital funding.  The school in Kebon Jeruk is tiny and overflowing with students.  After a long process, they received government assistance to re-roof the existing 3 classrooms and a library and to provide a foundation for a further 3 classes upstairs.  Sadly, nearly half the promised funds went “missing” before even arriving at the school. The school were committed to finishing the project but, because the did not see all the money promised, had a shortfall in funding. The Contractor provided credit however repayments were accelerated and the school did not have the means to make the higher payments.  PHMF and ANZA were able to step in.  Now clear of debt, PHMF together with ANZA and other sponsors will build the 3 additional classes and awnings for part of the outside area.

schoolevaluation1 schoolevaluation2The kids are all from poor families- their parents are laborers or washerwomen in the surrounding neighborhood- not trash pickers-and they live in neighboring small kampongs..

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