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PHMF Introduced Yard Ball

The children in the orphanages are just like any other children. They have a lot of energy and urge to move around so much. After years of supporting the institution they live with, we thought it was time for us to give the kids a little fun to channel their extra energy.

On June 26 2009, PHMF invited 15 kids from Remaja Masa Depan, 5 girls from Nurani Insani & 14 kids from Children Village for a day of sport:

Yard Ball is a modified game of baseball that utilises whiffle ball equipment. Yardball is played on a field approximately 20 metres by 20 metres, the smaller size making for a faster, fun game.

We all gathered at the Rugby field of Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci, to meet Duncan Hall. Duncan was there to coach Rugby for the Indonesian Rugby Union, but he managed to set a time with a set of Yard Ball equipment to play with the kids. It was not so hard for the kids to absorb the simple rules of the game Duncan introduced, so in no time at all few teams were already formed and the ball was started to get hit.

The children were very sportive and enthusiastic. They had so much fun playing the game, we had trouble calling them for lunch.

The bigger boys also had a chance to learn a bit of Rugby with some players of Indonesian Rugby Union (IDRU). The day was wrapped with a lot of happy smiles from many sweating little faces.

Click the pictures below to visit the Yard Ball Picasa album:

Yard Ball say with Duncan Hall

Yard Ball day with Duncan Hall

The children enthusiasm inspired PHMF to provide each orphanage and school we support with a set of Yard Ball equipment. At this moment PHMF is in the process of bringing those equipment to Indonesia from Australia. We believe as soon as they arrive, more fun will be reported from our sport desk.

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