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Yayasan An-Nuriyah September 2013


 This project is worthy of two newsletters . This one is the beginning when PHMF committee member submitted this report . “On Saturday ( September 2013 )I visited a new project for us with several of the ANZA committee.  ANZA have been supporting a food kitchen for the elderly downstairs but upstairs is a school for 80 kids (including 20 pre school). Kids pay Rp2,000 per day to attend. It is located in Kalibata, West Jakarta, overall not the poorest but this is down into the alleys.  5 years ago ANZA did a patch job on a wooden floor at the back of the school which is past its use by date and the toilet cannot be used because it leaks (luckily just missing the kitchen).  They wish to concrete the floor that will allow 2 proper toilets and kitchen upstairs plus moving preschool into a dedicated area. “



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