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 The Foundation was able to assist Yayasan Harapan Sumba with the purchase of Airline tickets to Bali . We admire the work that is being done to help the people of Sumba . We share with you a recent comment on the current conditions. Since 2009 YHS has run a program that tries to help


Sponsorship commenced in 2005 after Don Hall made the first visit .. Sponsorship continues for  Paridah whose Emergency surgery was for a jaw reconstruction, PHMF were able to participate in a joint sponsorship of an emergency full jaw reconstruction for Paridah. So to all of those people who have supported PHMF over the last 9 years. Thank

I Have A Smile

This 10 months old boy is Apin. He is a son of a low income laborer in Baledono, Central Java. Born with harelip and cleft-palate, he recently received a surgery to repair his lip. The surgery cost IDR 4,275,000 equal to USD 535 and was supported by Probus & Curnow of Australia. Apin would require

21 Years of Creating New Smiles

March 16 2010 was a very happy day for Yayasan Citra Baru. The organization has been working for twenty one years in bringing new hope to the life of children and teenagers around Indonesia. The work of Yayasan Citra Baru has brought donors and doctors hand-in-hand to hep the young generations with cranio-facial condition who

Investing in the Underpriviledged

Anis, a 6 year old boy, can only stand in silence, – heartbroken as he saw his face in the mirror. His facial cleft had repeatedly given him burdens too much to bear at his tender age. His self-esteem had hit rock bottom, making him completely unable to focus on his study. When the future
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