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21 Years of Creating New Smiles

March 16 2010 was a very happy day for Yayasan Citra Baru. The organization has been working for twenty one years in bringing new hope to the life of children and teenagers around Indonesia.

The work of Yayasan Citra Baru has brought donors and doctors hand-in-hand to hep the young generations with cranio-facial condition who came from financially-unfortunate families to go through surgeries. The result of the surgeries would give them beautiful smiles and better looking faces, but what we actually aim is for these young generation to have better lives, away from discriminations, access to education and brighter future.


It has been a wonderful five years for Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation to have the privilege to support Yayasan Citra Baru. Those has been a very rewarding five years.

The cost of surgeries start from as low as three million Rupiah (three hundred USD), a very minimum investment to harvest such a great difference to a life of a child.

In our Annual Fund Raising: PHMF Golf Invitational 2009, seven generous gentlemen pledged donations and raised twenty one million for this very project. The foundation had doubled the number and started to support complex surgeries which would cost higher.

Yusmini was born with Meningocele eighteen months ago when she received her surgery. Her father, a modest labour works in Pati, Central Java, was very happy to see the result of Yusmini’s surgery. He was sure Yusmini will grow-up as happy as any other children.

Yusmini (before & after)

Yusmini (before & after)

Congratulations to Yayasan Citra Baru for their wonderful work of bringing new smiles to the face of these children. Greatest gratitude to the friends and generous donors of Pricilla Hall Memorial Foundation for their kind investment in the life of the children of Indonesia.

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