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As a school for those who are blind and have other disabilities, Rawinala is currently shut for learning but they do still have obligations to pay their staff and they have pupils staying in the dormitories who are unable to travel home to their families. Along with so many other charities, they have been struggling

Rawinala Flood Recovery

On the 1st of January Jakarta experienced torrential rain which resulted in widespread flooding in the city. Rawinala was flooded by about 75 cm of water which came up from the drains. Rawinala is a school for pupils who are blind and have multiple disabilities. Fortunately most of the boarders were at home for the

The Australia and New Zealand Association (ANZA) Jakarta

In January while in Jakarta I (Don Hall) had the opportunity to attend the monthly meeting of ANZA Social Welfare Committee. ANZA have partnered with The Foundation since it was established in 2004 shortly after Priscilla’s accident. This gave me the opportunity to update them on the Indonesian Distribution for Days for Girls. In 2019


  Our disabled, developmentally delayed son Joe began at Rawinala as a three year old in an effort to open his world and provide a stimulating educational routine.Rawinala is one of a few special schools servicing visually impaired and developmentally delayed children of Jakarta. It specializes in educating the deaf blind. Signing and braille are


  The Foundation was introduced to Rawinala in 2005 by the Headifen family . Their son Joe was a student while the family lived in Jakarta .ANOTHER NEWS LETTER WILL FOLLOW THIS ONE . ” JOE A STUDENT AT RAWINALA ” When the Family returned to New Zealand knowing the need for a student’s Media Room they suggested a joint
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