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The Foundation was pleased to donate funds for urgently need Medical supplies to assist Gloria Goodwin maintain the caring Medical Service provided to her local community. Here is the  BALI CRISIS CARE  Storey : To tell you a little of what we do, we have been operating Crisis care for many years now and started in


 We recently received this report from Yayasan Harapan Sumba in regard to a young boy Darius Konda who we are supporting for a Medical Operation by supplying transportation & accommodation . Refer our newsletter dated 12th March 2014 . Before reading this report in full it is important to understand that people in Sumba face many

Sayap Ibu Foundation

Some time ago  we were introduced by ANZA to the Sayap Ibu Foundation . We assisted  ANZA to upgrade the heating system of their Hydrotherapy early 2013 and in 2014 .. Also last year we funded hearing aids for three  children We would like to share with you details of their Yayasan as these are

Welcome to Yayasan Harapan Sumba In English”Project Hope Sumba”

 The Foundation was able to respond to a request to sponsor airfares to transport three children and their parent to hospital . We would like to share with you some details of this Yayasan to see why we were pleased to assist with funding .  Yayasan Harapan Sumba (YHS) works with  West Sumba’s poorest people to


Sponsorship commenced in 2005 after Don Hall made the first visit .. Sponsorship continues for  Paridah whose Emergency surgery was for a jaw reconstruction, PHMF were able to participate in a joint sponsorship of an emergency full jaw reconstruction for Paridah. So to all of those people who have supported PHMF over the last 9 years. Thank

I Have A Smile

This 10 months old boy is Apin. He is a son of a low income laborer in Baledono, Central Java. Born with harelip and cleft-palate, he recently received a surgery to repair his lip. The surgery cost IDR 4,275,000 equal to USD 535 and was supported by Probus & Curnow of Australia. Apin would require
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