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Sayap Ibu Foundation

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Some time ago  we were introduced by ANZA to the Sayap Ibu Foundation . We assisted  ANZA to upgrade the heating system of their Hydrotherapy early 2013 and in 2014 .. Also last year we funded hearing aids for three  children We would like to share with you details of their Yayasan as these are the Yayasans with  a mission statement we are pleased to support . All of the Sayap Ibu Foundation programs are focused on meeting children’s needs . The Foundation aims to help abandoned children under the age of five ( INCLUDING OLDER CHILDREN WITH MULTIPLE DISABILITIES )  in the broadest sense by providing a home , as well as healthcare and education . Sayap Ibu is a private ,non-profit organisation without political or religious ties .The Foundation is based on the principal that any and every child is entitled to protection and care before as well as after their birth .Yayasan Sayap Ibu also carries the national mission to help improve the social welfare in Indonesia . Therefore , as well as providing a home , Sayap Ibu engages in a number of other activities including a day-care centre: playgroups and kindergarten: pre-natal care for unmarried Mothers :A rehabilitation centre for children with multiple disabilities. 



















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