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Graduation of Our English Class Students

In March 2021, the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) completed the English classes by granting students with certificates of participation. The certificates were given to the students as an appreciation of their commitment to complete the chosen session from the modules even though they were unable to fully attend all their classes. We understand their difficulties to keep up with the English online classes during the pandemic. Juggling school assignments as a result of learning from home as well as additional online classes is absolutely not an easy thing to do.

Despite all of their difficulties, we are grateful that the tutors managed to motivate their students to participate in these online classes, submit their assignments, attend the English Online Class with Bina Nusantara University (Binus), and complete the final exam. We kept the sessions and the lessons quite simple for this batch because we did not want to burden our students with more work. In the future, we will continue to pursue innovative ideas for learning for the English class as well as other classes too.

Thanks to YUM and Mr Cecep, for giving me the opportunity to learn English in this pandemic time. I thought once the VTC closed, I would not be able to continue the course. The good thing about learning from the video is that I can replay the lesson if I did not understand. But I do miss the class interaction when I can chat and enjoy jokes with my classmates.

Santi, 10th grade, Beginner class student

I enjoyed my time learning English at the VTC. The in-person class had stopped in March, but the tutor communicated with us through WhatsApp group and other social media. My favourite moment is the English online conversation class with Binus University. I can practise my English with Binus English teachers and have better pronunciation too. Thanks YUM for facilitating this  online learning session for us.

Lisa, 12th grade, Intermediate class student

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