This semester we held a new computer class specifically on learning the use of Internet for parents.  This first project collaborates with the parents of YUM’s preschool students. This class is not only for mothers but fathers are also allowed to join this class.  It was a big day for everyone, not only for the participants but also for the tutor himself.

For most of the participants, this is their first time in life to engage with a computer. A very small number of them had experience with using a computer but it had been quite a long time ago.  They felt a bit scared and unsure when turning on the computer, using the keyboard and the mouse. The other challenges faced by the tutor was that there were two participants who were not able to read and write; therefore YUM’s staff had to accompany them during the class.

Mrs. Dwi, one of the participants, said that she was trembling and her heart was beating very fast. She was afraid that she will do something wrong and that the computer will explode somehow. But besides that, she found the session to be very fun and she enjoyed learning.

There will be a few more sessions of this special class. The goal is to support the parents in finding information about parenting nowadays and supporting their personal business if someday they want to run their own business.  We thank Mr. Don Hall for having this great idea! Now we have a very special program at the Vocational Training Center in Cipanas.

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