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Students Practice Their English Through Interactive Conversations

An expert once said that to master a language, you must take risks and speak the language whenever you can.

In our English classes at the YUM VTC, we focus on encouraging our students to speak. The class emphasizes daily conversation as part of their preparation for employment. Prior to the pandemic, we often had foreign visitors, volunteers or students who joined the classes and helped the students to practice their English. However, during these past 2 years, this activity was unable to happen.

Finally, last month, students from Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA) in Batam visited YUM for their community service activity. One of their activities was to participate in the VTC’s English class. These students were the same age as our VTC students, so it did not take much time for them to get along with each other. There were 34 SGIA students and 24 VTC English class students. The participants were divided into 3 groups; each consisted of students from both sides. In the first session, there was a list of questions that everyone had to answer such as their name, where they come from, school, hobby, and family. Then in the second session, the students had the freedom to ask any types of questions. Mr. Cecep, our English tutor, was there to supervise all of the activities.

Our students were very happy to have an opportunity to practice their English. They became more creative in using words and more confident in speaking. And for the SGIA students, they had an unforgettable cultural experience with our students.

I am FG from SMK 1 Pacet and I am now in grade 12th. This is my second month into the English class at Basic level. I am excited and nervous to meet the students from the international school. I feel not confident enough to speak English. But it turned out to be extremely fun! I learned many new words and how to pronounce them correctly. They were so friendly and kind. The sessions with these students motivate me to learn more and make me more confident in speaking English.

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