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Support to our VTC students during COVID-19

Since the government mandated closure and cancellation of all facilities and activities involving small or large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have complied to do the same with all of YUM’s projects for the safety of our students.

However YUM continues to be committed to serving the communities in both West Java and Central Kalimantan.  With support from YUM’s donors, including Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation, YUM managed to provide various kinds of assistance to its beneficiaries. Thank you PHMF for your continued support!

Below are the students’ words about the help that they received:

My name is Alvira, I am now in the 12th grade. I am enrolled in an English class with Mr. Ray as my tutor. I was so delighted when the admin of YUM-VTC messaged me about the hygiene kit distribution. I never thought I would be on the list of beneficiaries. I received the kit as am currently registered as a VTC student. The hygiene kit consists of three masks, three soaps and one leaflet. The information on the leaflet explains about COVID-19’s prevention and its syndromes. It is very useful for my family and me. I hope during these difficult times, we are all still able to look out for each other. We must not be selfish and just think about our own needs. Thank you YUM and PHFM for thinking about their students’ safety.

I am Ikbal, I am 17 years old. At YUM-VTC, I am enrolled in Computer class and Mr. Deden in my tutor. When the announcement about closing the VTC was made, I was quite upset as I felt like I had nothing else to keep me active.Along with other VTC students, I received a hygiene package. My family and I never really had access to good information about COVID-19. We never thought that this pandemic would reach our neighborhood. The virus has also become a threat to our lives and I hope this pandemic will end soon so that I can attend school again and continue my computer course. Thank you YUM for being thoughtful about our safety. I hope YUM will be able to continue to help us in this situation.

Alvira and Ikbal are two current students of the YUM Vocational Training Centre. Both of them were in the second week of their courses. Unfortunately, until further notification, they, along with 132 others have had to postpone their study.  YUM hopes the situation will get better soon and will be able to resume the project in the usual manner.

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