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YUM & PHMF Work Together To Prevent Stunting In Cipanas, West Java

Starting last September, PHMF and YUM started working together in stunting prevention with support given to pregnant women and stunted children who are 0 – 1 year old. For the past few years, YUM has assisted 6 Posyandu, and now thanks to PHMF, YUM is able to add 4 more, assisting a total of 10 Posyandu with in total 50 volunteer health workers – or kader. In September, the total participants were 717 toddlers (0 -5 years old) while the number of pregnant women was 84 mothers. Out of those 0 to 1 years old, 28 suffer from stunting. Stunting is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the failure to reach one’s potential growth and development due to insufficient nutrient intake, poor hygiene and frequent infections.
WIth the help of PHMF, our program focuses on:

1. Pregnant women

Distribution of iron tablets each month and a free haemoglobin level test. In September, 41 mothers checked their haemoglobin level and 8 mothers had low-levels of haemoglobin, which indicates a risk in anaemia. Severe anaemia can increase the risk of complications in preterm delivery.

2. Volunteer health workers

To improve the ability of our health workers (kader) who are on the frontline on stunting prevention, YUM held a training and capacity building session. On September 28th, 40 kader learned about what is stunting, the dangers of a child being stunted and how to prevent stunting. For many of them, this was the first time they participated in this type of training. The 40 women were divided into 2 classes; morning and afternoon.

3. Stunted children

In September, YUM distributed food packages and hygiene supplies to the stunted children, in order to ensure they have proper nutrition at home, as well as making sure, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic, that the whole family is following good hygiene protocols.

4. Integrated health services post (Posyandu)

Every month, the integrated health services posts – or Posyandu – conducts gatherings in villages for babies, toddlers and pregnant mothers. YUM has been working in 6 Posyandu and now with a further four more to ensure that the five basic health programs at the community level are conducted:

  1. Family planning services
  2. Maternal and child health
  3. Nutrition improvement
  4. Immunization
  5. Prevention of diarrheal disease for mothers and children.

The main target of the program is to reduce infant mortality rates, improve the health status and nutrition of under-five-year-old children and pregnant mothers.

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