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The FOUNDATION recently requested information on the Corona situation in SUMBA.

As we come to the end of the year we were wondering if your location is in A Red corona area? Yes, currently our district is in the red zone. There has even been an increase in the number of people who are positive for Covid-19. Currently there are 8 people in our district who are positive for Covid-19. On November 19, the government of Southwest Sumba district issued a regulation prohibiting activities that gather people. So that the activities of Days for Girls have temporarily stopped.

 DfG kits were posted in the last few weeks. Do you have stock on hand. We now have further postage on hold. There are 57 kits currently available at YHS. For this year, we don’t think Mr. Don need to send a new kit. For next year, we are still looking at the situation.

 Is it likely that it may be practical to do a distribution in December? This is not possible because the District Government has issued a regulation prohibiting activities of gathering people.

 Re Stunting. This new & important project has been delayed due to Corona. We hope to look at it commencing early 2021.This will be subject to when people can visit the local villages to speak with Mothers. Thank you for your efforts to raise funds for this project. However, as long as the ban on activities has not been lifted, we cannot do activities except limiting the number of participants and strictly implementing health protocols. However, this is not easy to do in the community given the low social compliance.

 Would be pleased to hear from you on any local information. The Covid-19 pandemic in our district and also in Sumba is uncertain. Sometimes they enter the green zone, but suddenly enter the red zone. Uncertain and difficult to predict. This created uncertainty and greatly disrupted activity planning. We hope that the vaccine will soon be found and distributed to the community so that the situation is more certain and social and economic activities can return to normal. YHS still carries out activities with limited mobility and participants by always implementing health protocols. So far the situation is still safe to carry out activities at the office. Meanwhile, activities in the community can be carried out if the situation is safe. 

Thank you for your letter. Hopefully you and your family will always be healthy and safe. Greetings from the YHS Team in Sumba 


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