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Days for Girls kits Distribution in Kualeu Village, South Amanatun, West Timor

In a joint effort to empower young girls and women in Indonesia, the Foundation for Mother & Child Health (FMCH) teamed up with the Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF) to implement the Days for Girls program. This initiative aimed to enhance knowledge on reproductive health and provide access to eco-friendly sanitary pads through the distribution of DfG kits.

The program took place in the remote Kualeu Village, situated between the South Amanatun District and Kotolin District. This location was chosen due to the limited access to affordable sanitary pads for the local girls and women. In addition, the village’s residents mostly earn a low income as farmers, further exacerbating the financial constraints they face when purchasing these essential items.

The first distribution of DfG kits occurred at the Swadaya Kualeu Middle School, where 48 girls received both reproductive health education and DfG kits. Mrs. Erni Wadu, a midwife, led a session covering topics such as menstruation, personal hygiene, and reproductive health. The girls were also given practical demonstrations on how to use and maintain their DfG kits. The teachers and school committee expressed gratitude for the program, highlighting its benefits in terms of cost savings and waste reduction.

FMCH Indonesia encouraged the teachers and school committee to continue offering education on adolescent reproductive health and sexuality. The school subsequently made plans to collaborate with the student organization (OSIS) and village health workers, incorporating reproductive health and clean living practices into the school curriculum every semester.

The second distribution took place at the Senior High School Kualeu, where 30 students and teachers received DfG kits. Midwife Yunita Tkela Amd.keb led an educational session on reproductive health. The recipients showed enthusiasm for the initiative, expressing hopes that more girls at the school could benefit from the program in the future.

The Days for Girls program, backed by FMCH Indonesia and PHMF, has successfully empowered girls and women in Kualeu Village by providing essential knowledge and resources for reproductive health. The project not only improves personal hygiene and well-being but also fosters a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to menstrual care.

Day for Girls Kits Distributed

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