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I would like to thank The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation for their  collaboration regarding the renovation of part of the Harapan Center, which has been super useful to be able to assure the safety of my team and to assure the quarantine.

The building that you ( PHMF ) sponsored is now used by the security man and his wife, whom are both working for Harapan. Even though there is no furniture at all in the building. I am still working to try to raise fund for that.

Mega (the local teacher working for Harapan) her 2 kids, and myself are now living in the new building that I built (paid by Harapan), which has also no furniture, just beds, two closets, two tables and few chairs. I was preparing proposals to send to companies and NGO in Spain, to raise funds for the furniture. But after all this pandemic problem happened, and considering that in Spain it is completely devastating, all the answers that I am receiving are negatives.

Regarding the quarantine, the problem is that we still don´t have a kitchen in the center, so I still need to go out from the center to eat and to bring food to my team. We are using the back of the old house were the security man used to stay when we were building the Harapan House, to cook rice and heat water.

We also have a problem as we still don´t have Wi-Fi installed in the center (we tried to install it but the signal didn’t arrive in the center), and also the phone reception is very low, there is just one spot in the center where we can get phone reception. The solution of both problems will be to install a phone signal booster. I send you some photos of the actual state of the building which renovation was sponsored by Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation which is now used by the security and his wife during the quarantine. The future purpose of the building is to accommodate future Volunteers to assist with new Projects.

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