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The Foundation has confirmed its Financial support to build Volunteer Accommodation. To appreciate why the committee has selected this project you are able to check the linkages we have highlighted .  PLEASE PLAY THE VIDEO ON THEIR WEB SITE

Harapan Project NGO is immersed in the construction of a socio-educational center in the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia, The Harapan House, which will serve as the base camp for its team and cooperators and where they will establish a school of organic gardens and a farm to produce dairy products, in order to fight the enormous malnutrition suffered by the local population.  Goals of The Harapan House:

Improve the general education of the population through workshops, activities.
• Improve the medical care of children.
• Reduce the high malnutrition rates of children and women during breastfeeding.
• Start-up of an ecological garden to teach the local population.
• Start-up of an ecological farm to teach the local population.
• Start-up of a stone oven to teach how to make bread.

Construction work carried out:  Harapan Project NGO has completed the first phase of the Harapan House. This first phase consisted in the construction of the first floor of the center where there are two bedrooms with a capacity of 12 people, 3 bathrooms, a living / dining room, a storeroom, and a clinic

Pending construction work: On the acquired land there were two old houses whose construction was never completed. The new center has been built in the middle of said houses. It is proposed to renovate said buildings in order to make use of them for volunteers and Harapan´s workers.


The aforementioned building was build more than 10 years ago by the old owner of the land, and was never finish. The building has suffered significant deterioration due to the passage of time, the weather and the nature. Therefore important renovation works need to be done.

We detail bellow the first phase of the renovation works:

1.- Clean the building of trees and vegetation:  The passage of time has provoked that several trees have grown inside the building. Therefore, the first works to be done are to completely clean the building from vegetation.

2.- Change the frames of doors and windows:  The wooden frames of doors and windows have suffered important damages and need to be replaced.

Other Items :  3. Change the damaged bricks and rebuild damaged walls: 4. Several steel beams need to be removed and rebuilt 5. A terrace needs to be built, to be able to hold the roof that will be built in the future 6. A Septic tank needs to be dug and built. 7. The inside and outside walls of the building need to be plastered and rendered.



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