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2013-06-06 1 SD MKGR2013-06-22 09 SD MKGRMKGR is a private school- which means a school for poor children whose families cannot afford Govt schooling or whose children are unable to enter due to residency issues or who haven’t passed relevant entry exams.

The school is now run by a Yayasan- which is managed by the family of the original founder. The school receives the Government operational subsidy- BOS but this does not cover all expenses.  Teachers’ salaries are very low. Parents who can pay fees but there are also costs for uniforms, books, etc. As this is a  community where not all students can afford to pay fees, and the school carries these children- only those who can afford to do so, pay a little.

2013-06-06 3 SD MKGR2. What’s the socio-economic mix of students?

The kids are all from poor families- their parents are laborers or washerwomen in the surrounding neighborhood- not trash pickers-and they live in neighboring small kampongs.

3. What’s the fundamental reason they deserve support – as opposed to others?

The school was started in 1976 by a local community -minded man because local children didn’t have a schooling option; it has continued with the financial and emotional support of the founder’s family; and despite very poor circumstances children attend school regularly and perform well. The school is tiny and clean- and as David ( PHMF Committee member )has said has a good feel to it. The children whom Iobserved were quietly concentrating and attending to their tasks

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