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ANZA COMMITTEE2013-05-21 18 Gilly, Sally, Calista, Yvonne with Pak Soleh2013-05-20 1.The PHMF is grateful for our working relationship with ANZA which commenced in July 2004 .The ANZA Mission Statement is simiar to the Foundation ..Thank you ANZA for your continued support .

ANZA Social Welfare – Making a Difference in Indonesia

The ANZA Social Welfare Committee is made up of a group of local and expatriate volunteers (ANZA members) who dedicate time and effort to provide much needed assistance to the impoverished and underprivileged in Jakarta and, to a lesser extent, others areas in Indonesia.

This is achieved through regular, monthly funding of local charitable foundations (called Yayasan’s) such as schools, orphanages, facilities for the disabled and elderly support centers, as well the provision of one-off assistance in response to requests received. Much is also accomplished through the committee’s university and medical sponsorship schemes and orphanage social support/play progr



























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