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Priscilla Jane Lydia Hall

It is 8 years today that Priscilla had her aircraft accident at Lake Lido .We would like to share with you these remarks made by a older Brother .

Aussie Girl

Priscilla out Bush Walking

.Priscilla was one of life’s great conversationalists.  Always intensely interested in other people whoever and wherever she met them.  Each conversation with Priscilla was an experience in itself characterized by extravagant compliments, thought, humour, openness and a genuine desire to discover more about the people in the different countries and cultures in which she lived and worked.  Any person that Priscilla came into contact with would receive the “Priscilla treatment” that made any interaction with her such a unique “feel good” experience.  As a frequent recipient of that treatment whenever I saw her I can appreciate how anyone who met her would feel enriched by her company.  When you see your little sister for the first time for some period of time and she hits you with “Wow, James you’re looking fantastic!”, irrespective of reality it always made me feel pretty good

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