Priscilla HallPriscilla Hall was tragically killed in a plane accident at Lake Lido, south of Jakarta on June 20th, 2004. Priscilla's lifelong affinity for people extended into helping disadvantaged children. The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable fund that aims to help underprivileged children in Indonesia. Read more...
YUM-PHMF VTC holds Job-Seeking Skill workshops. There were 125 students who recently  participated in these workshops. Besides explaining how to make an attractive curriculum vitae and  preparation for job interview, the Trainer also held the job interview with  group  discussions. A CURRICULUM VITAE ( CV ) SAMPLE IS AVAILABLE BELOW presentasi-curriculum-vitae-job-seeking-workshop presentasi-curriculum-vitae-job-seeking-workshop-english Some of the students played role as the applicant
Each year, between 40,000 to 70,000 people are human trafficked in Indonesia, with the majority ending up in sexual exploitation and forced prostitution. The average age is 12-14 years old when girls enter the sex industry and are sold for as little as 50,000 rupiah (approx$5). In response to this problem, the House of Grace
Yayasan Balita Sehat,  ( FMCH ) started in 2001.They have many programs to assist under privileged children .One being Early Childhood Education in Cipete Utara. When they recently lost a major sponsor and asked for assistance The Foundation was pleased to confirm our sponsorship for the next 2 years . We had assisted FMCH back in
It’s the fourth year the Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF) has supported YUM’s activities. The progress is better and better each year and YUM is able to accommodate more and more youth in Cipanas to gain skills to support their own life and minimize the cycle of poverty in future. The promotion and socialization activities
The Foundation was able to fund  the transportation and fitting of these individually designed wheelchairs which were funded by the Australian Embassy DAP fund. Look at the photos of the three wheelchairs and their happy recipients who  are now mobile and can enjoy being out and about under the care of YAYASAN SAYAP IBU .
  RAWANALA was an early project for the Foundation. We supplied a trampoline , partnered in painting the building & establishing the  Audio room . It is a joy to listen to the BAND playing. We are pleased to have been invited by ANZA to co-sponsor this outing with The Australian Embassy   Rawinala Band went on a trip to

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