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1st PHMF Yard Ball Competition


The sun was bright but it was not a hot day, fortunate for us and 75 kids from 6 different homes, as we were going to spend the day out on a sport field in Karawaci for a day of Yard Ball games.

Kids learned this modified baseball game back in 2009 when we met Duncan Hall for the very first time in Karawaci. Like the years before, Duncan was in town to coach the Indonesian Rugby National Team.

Friday, June 24 2011, five teams of girls and six teams of boys competed in the first Yard Ball competition to win trophies. This was the first competition held since the game was introduced in 2009 although the kids had met several times since then on play days.

On three Yard Ball arenas, kids of 6 team members competed with excitement. We saw them being competitive while having fun and making friends.

Winners for Girls category:

  1. 1st place: Rumah Sahabat Puspita
  2. 2nd place: Mama Sayang
  3. 3rd place: Remaja Masa Depan

Winners for Boys category:

  1. 1st place: Mama Sayang
  2. 2nd place: boys of KDM & Mama Sayang (mixed team)
  3. rd place: KDM

Few more pictures from the competition day: Yard Ball 2011 Album


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