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The Nurul Hadaa school is located at Sunda Kelapa, North Jakarta .  This was a new project for ANZA & The Foundation was invited to join. The school is 2 stories (with a fenced open area on top) in a very built up area that is is subject to flooding.  They had recently had help to increase the height of the barrier down stairs and hope this will partially mitigate that problem. ANZA had agreed to pay to have windows put in (previously open) and had requested The PHMF help to buy desks and chairs for pupils and teachers and bookcases. We have discussed the types of chairs and tables on several occasions as they are common to all schools.  We have tried cheaper plastic chairs but they don’t last.  Downstairs at this school they have tables with a laminate over mdf but within a year they lift off and break.  We have also suggested benches rather than individual desks but this leads to fights between the kids over territory.  As a result we are back to the ‘classic’ heavy wood variety but at least they last.  The ones we  provided are for upstairs so there is no flood and rotting risk. Our photos show the importance of new desks. We also have photos of the Volunteers at the opening day


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