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RMD’s Computer Class: a promising make-over

Our foundation is amazed by the commitment of Remaja Masa Depan Foundation to provide a roof for children. Aside from its orphanage, Remaja Masa Depan is managing a free-of-charge school with students from elementary level to high school and also a drop-in center for the street children. Under Remaja Masa Depan’s roof, children have a better chance for the future.

We noticed in the beginning of 2010 that Remaja Masa Depan owned a class room full of computers in various conditions. With outdated operating systems and programs and without an internet connection, they students hardly move from learning to type to anything else.

In March, PHMF sent five new computers, a projector and subscribe an unlimited broadband internet connection to complete the class. After selecting most recent computers from the older group, the class became much similar to most of computer classes in other schools, with 12 computers, internet connection and a projector to help the teacher.

The 12 computers are also equipped with original Microsoft Windows 7, to make sure the students are learning with the latest operating system.

Both PHMF and RMD’s chief Mr. Firdaus are pleased that the adequate computer class is now lead by teachers who joined the Teaching Skill workshop provided by PHMF. The two teachers, Mr. Fitri and Mr. Chandra provided us with a year lesson plan, completed with a list of names from seven groups starting from elementary 1 to high school. Two class sessions are also placed in Fridays for the children in the orphanage. The Lesson Plan is divided in three large lesson group from Basic to Advance, from naming the computer parts to making presentations and learning Photoshop.

It is very promising to hear a lot of progress at the end of the school semester.

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