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Meet Erfan. He is in his last year of high school.  After graduation, he plans to get a job as he wants to be able to support his family. Last term, he was one of the students who enrolled in our English class at VTC Cipanas. He realizes the importance of mastering English, as it is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. He first learnt English was when he was in primary school. There were a large number of students in the class, and limited hours in a day so this did not create the optimal environment for learning.  Erfan wants to be able to read and write in English at a better standard, and hopes he will get a good grade in the final English class test. The English certificate will add value to his future job applications.

The youth in Cipanas, the area where YUM serves, have limited access to qualified education. Many young people have to work at a very young age to support their family. Thanks to Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation, the Vocational Training Centre can continue to accommodate young people to learn supportive skills like English to increase their chances in getting good employment in the future.

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