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The Days for Girls program educates girls about menstruation, reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases.

Donations can be made to the Days for Girls project via the Rotary Australia World Community Service donations portal. Please click here to donate.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Style of NTT Young Women: Learning Reproductive Health

Wednesday, February 14, 2020: A total of 75 young women in Lanu Village, Amanatun Selatan-Nusa Tenggara Timur District West Timor celebrated Valentine’s Day by attending the Days for Girls training program. This was organised by the Foundation for Mother and Child Health Indonesia, with the aim that these young women would love and understand self,

Socialization of Reproductive Health for girls and teachers – Kodi-SBD, SuryaKupang

Socialization of Reproductive Health for girls and teachers at SMP Negeri 1 Kodi Utara, Thursday (1/30/20). The Project Hope Sumba health division team provided information on reproductive health to 60 students and teachers in SMP Negeri 1 Kodi Utara. This socialization focuses on how to overcome reproductive health problems experienced by women such as menstruation,

The Australia and New Zealand Association (ANZA) Jakarta

In January while in Jakarta I (Don Hall) had the opportunity to attend the monthly meeting of ANZA Social Welfare Committee. ANZA have partnered with The Foundation since it was established in 2004 shortly after Priscilla’s accident. This gave me the opportunity to update them on the Indonesian Distribution for Days for Girls. In 2019

Priscilla’s Volunteer House now complete at Harapan Sumbawa Project

An update Harapan Sumbawa Project building, works that have been sponsored by PHMF. The aforementioned building was build more than 10 years ago by the old owner of the land, and was never finish. The building has suffered significant deterioration due to the passage of time, the weather and the nature. Therefore important renovation works


In desa Kawonga Dana a group of  young people met on May Day to receive DfG information on reproductive health and ask questions. YHS’ staff member Kanis led the meeting, and as usual there was not even a question that the girls might be bashful in asking questions on such a subject to a man.


  The new building has had issues not unusual in any Country. Electrical in particular has been a problem. We are pleased to receive these photos showing the current position in the project. Will be great to see the completion of Priscilla’s House for volunteers to assist Carlos with his work at Harapan Sumbawa Project.
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