Priscilla HallPriscilla Hall was tragically killed in a plane accident at Lake Lido, south of Jakarta on June 20th, 2004. Priscilla's lifelong affinity for people extended into helping disadvantaged children. The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable fund that aims to help underprivileged children in Indonesia. Read more...
Wrapped in Love for Christmas this year are two young patients at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta – 10 year Stevio from Kalimantan who has neuroblastoma and Erqueen who is 4 years old from Pontianak with Wilms Tumor. They are grateful for the LOVE and CARE by all the wonderful ladies in the Wraps with Love Club
An update Harapan Sumbawa Project building, works that have been sponsored by PHMF. The aforementioned building was build more than 10 years ago by the old owner of the land, and was never finish. The building has suffered significant deterioration due to the passage of time, the weather and the nature. Therefore important renovation works
One of the activities at YUM’s Community Library in Cipanas related to the 21st century skill preparation is the quintessential Computer Club. The aim is to introduce the use of computers for children from an early age. The lesson began from learning how to switch on & off the computer, typing, getting familiar with hardware,
In desa Kawonga Dana a group of  young people met on May Day to receive DfG information on reproductive health and ask questions. YHS’ staff member Kanis led the meeting, and as usual there was not even a question that the girls might be bashful in asking questions on such a subject to a man.
Since the beginning of the year, many secondary students enrolled in our courses.  Some of them came by themselves or were accompanied by either friends or parents. We are very pleased more number of people are increasingly becoming aware about the importance of using technology, especially computers.  This is also supported by the Indonesian government
  The new building has had issues not unusual in any Country. Electrical in particular has been a problem. We are pleased to receive these photos showing the current position in the project. Will be great to see the completion of Priscilla’s House for volunteers to assist Carlos with his work at Harapan Sumbawa Project.

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